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I’m flying to #miami to play a #december6th show with @alukard305 in #wynwood during #artbasel big shout out to @egrizzlycave for the flyer @aharecords #losangeles to #artbaselmiami #alukard #markolevel

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I’m not much of a protestor except when it comes to prison reform. I have some family doing fed time. So there’s a bill called the First Step Act which is against unjust sentencing. The bill needs 60 Senators for it to pass. There’s a link in my bio which is and if you smash that link and follow the instructions that’ll be what’s up. There’s only one day we’re planning to call the senators and that’s tomorrow. I don’t have much faith in politicians but I do call them once in a while.
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More Grizzly Adventures

Chloe from the Bronx is looking for a home. Anyone in NYC, NJ, Philly or Conn. that’s into late night besitos let me know. She’s a big sweetheart.

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