A-HA! Records was founded by E. Grizzly and Marko Level in 2008.  A-HA stands for “artists helping artists” because it started off in Miami as a group of artists helping each other with DIY shows, recording, producing, mixing, promoting etc. We have grown through out the years, we book and promote all around the country but it’s still just a bunch of friends who help each other with their music endeavors.  We don’t sign new artists.  We’re not going to produce, mix, promote or book any artists we don’t know.  If you want to get involved just come by one of the shows and show love.


E. Grizzly is an audio/visual artist based out of Philadelphia and is the lead vocalist in the band Felipe Pupo.  He specializes in combining genres such as hip hop, punk, metal, noise, Caribbean rhythms etc. and incorporates his music into his street art as well.
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Marko Level is a singer, songwriter, producer and engineer based out of Los Angeles.  His music is a combination of stoner rock, punk, latin rock, hip hop and pop.  He is the former lead singer of the Miami band Alukard and has performed in hundreds of shows all across America.
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Felipe Pupo is an afrobeat, punk, hip hop, hardcore, prog experimental band based out of Philadelphia created by E. Grizzly, Scott Labenski and Jason Pupo.
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Alukard was a stoner rock, punk, hip hop fusion band from Miami.  They released two albums and created a huge local following in South Florida before they broke up and went there separate ways in 2013.
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E. Grizzly – Exoskeleton – March, 2019 (Synth Rock/Post Punk EP)
Magic & The Occult – Redefine Pop – October, 2018 (Instrumental/Future Bass/Trip Hop EP)
Felipe Pupo – Orishas – April, 2018 (Afrobeat/Punk/Hip Hop EP)
E. Grizzly – Felipe Pupo – November, 2016 (Afrobeat/Punk/Hip Hop album)
E. Grizzly – How To Destroy Everything – March, 2015 (Noise/Hip Hop Mixtape)
E. Grizzly – Generation 01000001 – May, 2013 (Hip Hop Mixtape)
E-Grizzly – The NAH Mixtape – August, 2012 (Noise/Hip Hop Mixtape)
Alukard – Vigilante Justice – May, 2011 (Indie Rock/Punk/Hip Hop)
Alukard – One Shot – May, 2010 (Indie Rock/Punk/Hip Hop)
“E. Grizzly unifies calypso, punk, and hip hop into sleek, tenacious, warm grooves on his latest LP Felipe Pupo”     Q.D. Tran The Deli Philadelphia
“The latest mixtape by Philly MC E. Grizzly couldn’t be more perfect.”     John Vettese WXPN The Key
“The real pleasure in listening is from beginning to end. When’s the last time you could say that about a whole album? That’s how you know this shit is real. Grizzly doesn’t pull punches, and his lyrical work is intelligent and thought provoking.”     Abel Folgar Broward New Times
“The real stars here though, are MC’s Level and E. Grizzly.”     Arielle Castillo Miami New Times
“E. Grizzly just adds more weight to an already respectable project, there are some good vibes coming from E. Grizzly and RA, I’m excited to see more…”     Nikki Siixx NikkiSiixx.com
“Felipe Pupo explore the placement of culture in this current American society.  Knowledge of one’s history paired with contemporary context splinters into schizophrenic urges.  And as each generation is its own nascent definition.  The fury of this exploration is done under the fetters of an Anglo-defined system.  E. Grizzly and Labenski provide the soundtrack.  And it fucking kills.”     Newnoisemagazine.com
“Skating across the musical spectrum, these guys create a sound of punk and classic rock dutifully combined with bass and hip hop that inspires a deep connection with their audiences.”   Miami.com
“This crew can put our city on the Alt-Rock map.”   Miami New Times
“When Alukard’s new video for “A Knight Out” gets seen outside of South Florida, the world is going to see the special way that we rock down here.”   Broward New Times
“But it was Miami locals, Alukard who owned the scene.”   Outloud.com
“The approximately fifty five minute – thirteen track album, threads across stages of calypso, metal hammer and hip hop with each piece offering something different.  Whilst, as a result, each piece can be played in isolation – allowing Felipe Pupo to run its course finds the listener having been taken on a wide reaching journey with the different ideas that appear during the course of the album and more fully appreciate the conceptualization of the release and thereby providing the complete context.”   Emergingindiebands.com
“E. Grizzly is one of my favorite underground rappers.  Period.”   TuffGnarl.com
Marko Level and E. Grizzly have performed in hundreds of shows all across the country.  They’ve opened up for the likes of Penny Wise, Sean Price, Canibus, Pepper, Onyx, Jeru The Damaja, The Ataris, Cannibal Ox, Ill Bill, Rass Kass, Roc Marciano, MayDay! and many more.  Some of the notable clubs Marko and Grizzly have played for are as follows:
  • Whiskey A Go Go – Los Angeles, CA
  • Union Transfer – Philadelphia, PA
  • Drom – New York, NY
  • Jannus Live – St. Petersburg, FL
  • Viper Room – Los Angeles, CA
  • Hard Rock Cafe – Boston, MA
  • Trocadero – Philadelphia, PA
  • Churchills Pub – Miami, FL
  • Nuyorican Poets Cafe – New York, NY
  • Bloombars – Washington, DC
  • The Barbary – Philadelphia, PA
  • The Cobra – Nashville, TN
  • The Well – Brooklyn, NY
  • Las Rosas – Miami, FL
  • Kung Fu Necktie – Philadelphia, PA
  • Busboys and Poets – Washington, DC
  • Championship Bar – Trenton, NJ
  • Howlers – Pittsburgh, PA
  • Boot and Saddle – Philadelphia, PA